Home State Original is a clothing brand that sells fashionable state apparel for everyday wear.
Originally, we created a t-shirt for our home state Rhode Island, because we felt there was a lack of options for fashionable RI tees. What we saw on the market were state t-shirts that didn't reflect our sense of style. We wanted something contemporary; something different from traditional state t-shirt designs. Something we could proudly wear at home or during our travels. So, we came up with the “RI OG" design. A fun play on words between the slang "OG" and being an "Original" native in your home state. Later, we created designs to emphasize being an “original” from your home state, hence our company name.
As we sold more RI OG t-shirts, a friend asked for a “DC OG” t-shirt, and then other people said that they would proudly wear a OG design for their home state as well. So, we decided to branch out to all 50 states and here we are today.
We know that there are plenty of other state tees you can purchase, that's actually designed and printed locally within your state. That's fine, we totally get it and we hope you're supporting them as well. We also know that there are people out there who are equally as proud as -if not more than- us as to where they’re from and want represent their home state in the same fashion (pun intended). So if being a OG or an ORIGINAL from your home state resonates with you, grab your state t-shirt and proudly represent your home state wherever life takes you.